The Improvised Now

Get there by being here.

The Improvised Now” lecture and workshop series presents individuals, groups and corporations with skills and practices to build and improve successful communication, and personal and collaborative well-being.

Improv is a playful practice that involves heightening AWARENESS and FOCUS to bring attention to how we are thinking about, feeling about and doing things NOW. Improv specifically addresses our conditioned and habitual reactions, that, let’s face it, may not be the best choices sometimes. With the implementation of certain strategies and skills, practitioners can develop a more collaborative, innovative, empathetic, productive, and joyful way to MAKE CHOICES and RESPOND, thereby experiencing interactions and existence as a whole with more PRESENCE and LOVING KINDNESS. PLUS, it is just plain FUN.

Specialized and tailored specifically to your needs and expectations, these presentations and seminars can provide a deep or shallow dive into communication and listening practices, conflict resolution, management and leadership skill, client relations, sales, self and interpersonal awareness (and loads more) through the playful practice and techniques of improv.

Sessions can be from a brief overview to a several hour, interactive intensive (but fun intensive) workshop and beyond!

Contact us to see what format you need, or your group or company needs to make sure we check all the boxes.*

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“I was looking for a way to grow my communication skills in order to feel more confident in my leadership role and presentations to my clients. One of my business coaches recommended that I join an improv class and that’s how I found Kraz. After taking his class I had a heightened self-awareness and the role that my communication has in influencing others. I found Kraz’s class and his interpretation of improv as well as his teaching methodology to me very helpful and insightful, so much so that I brought back my whole sales organization to be a part of it! I would highly recommend Kraz and his seminars if you are considering growing your team and yourself into the leaders and communicators you wish them to be.”- Jon Carroll, The Carroll Home Team

*Pricing will vary depending on group size, location, format, and requested length of session. Believe it, improv is cheaper than therapy.