Professional Guardian Training Course

KRASNY GUARDIANSHIP & CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES offers the Professional Guardianship Course at various times throughout the year. Schedules are posted on CEBroker.  This is a 40-hour course. The course content has been developed by the Florida Statewide Public Guardianship Office (Now Office of Public and Professional Guardians) and are required for all persons desiring to become a professional guardian. At a later date, the State Guardianship Competency Exam must be passed.

Before starting this career, a credit report, fingerprinting for criminal background check, and bonding are required. Sixteen hours of continuing education are required every two years.
The course fee is $425, which includes a 175 page manual and other resources in digital format. The instructor is Glenn Krasny, a Registered Professional Guardian and Certified Course Provider. Each day of the course will have a one hour lunch break and two fifteen minute breaks. You can bring lunch or eat at one of several restaurants nearby.

Some of the subjects that will be covered include: types of guardianship, managing medical care, finances, property, initial and annual reporting requirements, Baker Act/Marchman Act, advance directives, ethical issues, and examining committees.

We at KRASNY GUARDIANSHIP & CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES are frequently asked what a Professional Guardian does. To help explain this, we have taken this description from the Professional Guardian Training Manual to help you in deciding if this is a course and career you would like.

“Being an effective professional guardian involves combining a wide range of knowledge, skills and abilities related to assessing, planning for and managing the care of another person and/or their assets. Guardians must be knowledgeable of the needs of their wards, the Florida Statutes and their local court rules, and professional service providers. They must maintain their motivation to always protect their wards. While perhaps no day or week in the life of a professional guardian can be considered typical due to the wide range of tasks performed, there are some tasks that are performed more frequently than others. Reviewing these may help you determine if being a guardian is right for you. The following list consists of the top 10 most frequently performed tasks by guardians of the person and/or property in a job analysis survey completed by over 100 Florida professional guardians in 2009.

  1. Maintains a separate file for each ward and keeps receipts for all purchases made.
  2. Inputs details of visits with ward into case note logs to ensure proper records are maintained and to facilitate assembly of Annual Guardianship Report.
  3. Maintains communication with service providers, caregivers, and others attending to the ward.
  4. Documents activities of the guardian to account for time and expenses.
  5. Manages the ward’s monthly budget, pays ward’s bills by writing checks or using online bill pay services, and maintains receipts associated with bill paying.
  6. Communicates with the ward on a regular basis to identify concerns of the ward regarding care and build rapport with ward.
  7. Coordinates visits to ensure the ward is personally visited by the guardian or one of the guardian’s professional staff.
  8. Assesses the physical appearance and condition of the ward to determine whether current care is meeting the needs of the ward.
  9. Monitors the ward’s living conditions to ensure the environment addresses the ward’s wishes and needs to the extent possible.
  10. Applies ward’s income to the care, support, education, maintenance, cost of final illness, and cost of funeral and burial or cremation of the parent, spouse, or dependents of the ward to the extent necessary when approved by court order.”

Registration and pre-payment are required before course begins. For more information and to pre-pay by cash or check, call KRASNY GUARDIANSHIP & CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES at 321-752-7688.   Answering machine is on at all times.

Where to send check for pre-payment. Check can be made out to “KG&CMS” (include driver’s license on check) and mailed to:

P.O. Box 33095
Indialantic, FL 32903
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Cost of course $425.00 


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